Coconut Rose


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Coconut Rose is a natural, handcrafted soap bar made with creamy coconut milk, rose clay to gently smooth your skin & our special blend of nourishing natural oils & butter.

Scented with a beautiful blend of geranium, lavender & patchouli essential oils. 

All the oils & butter in our soap bars are natural - so natural in fact that they are just as good for the inside of your body as the outside. In their raw form, they are classed as superfoods and are used around the world in health foods & in powerful skincare products. 
Relax knowing that your skin is absorbing beautiful body nourishing ingredients with no harsh chemicals or palm oil in our selection of all-natural soap bars.

Shea Butter a key ingredient in our soap bars is well known for its moisturising abilities. Shea butter delivers key anti-inflammatory & anti-ageing fatty acids right into the skin. Shea butter is luscious & skin smoothing, boosting the skins natural collagen production.

Coconut Oil provides amazing cleansing bubbles in our soap bars & is a powerful part of our skin-loving recipe. It is a stunner hydrator & helps to protect skin from environmental toxins. It smooths skin & can help to improve texture, slow the signs of ageing & can calm temporary redness. Full of antioxidants coconut oil can help soothe skin irritations alleviating discomfort & can provide soothing relief.

Caring for your natural soap bars
Keep your bar cool & away from the sun. To stop your natural soap bar from going soft & ensure it lasts longer, we highly recommend you use a soap dish with good drainage so your bar dries between uses.

Ingredients:  Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Milk, Lye, Rose Clay, Rose Buds & Petals, Essential Oil Blend {geranium + lavender + patchouli}.

Size: These bars are hand cut and can vary slightly in weight, weighing between 125-150 grams each. 

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