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Handcrafted Natural Soap Bars made in New Zealand.

Natural Soap Bars & natural skincare designed & handcrafted on the shores of New Zealand. 
Our soap bars are made using the traditional cold process method, by hand & in small batches with care.

The plant oils & butters in our soap bars are all-natural so you can relax knowing that your skin is absorbing beautiful, body nourishing ingredients. No harsh chemicals & no palm oil in our selection of all-natural soap bars.

Our Eco-friendly soap bars are wrapped in all Eco-friendly packaging right down to a compostable courier bag. 

Shop our selection of all-natural, eco-friendly soap bars or contact us to discuss customised design & wholesale options.

Relax... we have Bath Salts

Sink into a blissful warm bath with our lovely range of bath salts. Handcrafted using a soothing range of stunning salts including natural New Zealand sea salt, natural clays & essential oils.

Relax, Detox, Breathe...


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