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Custom Soap Bar Design.

Christmas Gifts, Wedding favours, gifts or wholesale needs? 

Talk to us for custom soap bars, designed to suit your style requirements.

Wholesale Design

At Petrichor Body Works we can create natural soap bars specific to your business. Our soap bars are made from all-natural oils & butter, handcrafted, palm oil free & non-toxic.

If you would like wholesale natural soap bars designed to reflect your business whether you own accommodation or a retail outlet, please get in contact to discuss your options.


Our natural soap bars can be personalised to gift for a range of occasions. 

Office Christmas Gift Boxes full of natural goodness, Beautiful Wedding favours with personalised labels and customised colours to fit the theme of your special day. Cute baby shower tokens or a special personalised birthday or Christmas gift.
Contact us to discuss your options. 

For Allergies & Sensitive Skin

If you suffer from allergies or skin sensitivity ordering a custom designed all-natural soap bar is a great option. 

We can create soap bars specific to your needs & avoid any ingredients that don’t work with your body. 


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